BIR 2550M — VAT

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BIR 2550M — Answers to your questions

1. What is the name of the 2550M?

  • The name of the 2550M is "Monthly Value-Added Tax Declaration".

2. What is the purpose of the 2550M?

  • The purpose of the 2550M is to file a monthly summary of VAT collected on sales for corporation, partnership and other non-individual taxpayer.

3. How do you submit the 2550M?

  • To submit the form 2550M, you must:
    1. Sign in black ink.
    2. Get all copies stamped upon payment.
    3. Take one stamped copy back for your own records.

4. When is the due date to submit the 2550M?

  • The 2550M must be submitted on the 20th of each month (If this day is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, it must be submitted by the first working day BEFORE.)

5. When is the payment due for the 2550M?

  • For the 2550M, you must pay on or before submission. Either cash to selected Landbank branches, or by company check at selected branches of the bank where your check book was issued. See BIR accredited banks.

 Notes: Your local RDO can receive payment if paying on the last day it is due. You can file this form at your Local Revenue District Office. In places where there is no Authorized Agent Banks, this form payment shall be filed and the tax paid with the Revenue Collection Officer or the Authorized City or Municipal Treasurer within the Revenue District where you are located.

6. How many copies do you need to submit for the 2550M?

  • For the 2550M, you must submit 3 copies.

 Notes: Forms must be submitted in triplicate, portrait and in long bond (US folio) size.